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Indivo Counseling

Now offering online therapy, from the comfort of your home.

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We provide counseling and psychotherapy to adults in the Chicago and greater Illinois area
  • Experiencing challenges with the impact of a challenging or toxic relationship?
  • Would you like to understand the impact that these can have on your mental health?
Indivo Counseling

Our Approach


We partner with each individual to identify their personal strengths, resources, and abilities.

Skilled Clinical Techniques

After our initial assessment we develop a plan to reach your goals.

Live a More Fulfilling Life

Combining your discovery and our clinical techniques we can strategically lead you to your goals.

What We Can Help With

While we specialize in working with adults wanting to develop healthier and more supportive relationships or communities, we have extensive experience in helping individuals overcome a variety of mental health or emotional concerns. We provide therapy in a way that fits your personality and goals. Whether you are experiencing mental health difficulties, life transition stressors, harmful relationships, or just want an objective person to process, Indivo is the right place for you.

Is indivo right for me?

Trying to find the right therapist can feel like a daunting process. We get it — we’ve been there too! The fact is that you are unique and have unique needs. Some therapists will be a better fit or have more specialized training/focus that can be better tailored to you. As you consider where or who might be most appropriate to work with, we encourage you to reflect on a few questions:

Are you feeling ‘stuck’ lately?

Maybe it’s in a relationship or your job, your family or your community. Or maybe you’re feeling that what used to work for you no longer seems to provide the same satisfaction or fulfillment. 

Do you suspect you may be in a toxic relationship?

When you think about some of your closest connections (e.g. your intimate partner, family members, or even a spiritual community like your church) have you ever had thoughts that one or more of these may be toxic relationships?

Has your motivation to do the things you used to love waned?

Have you found your experience of outside stressors so overwhelming that it’s become difficult to even focus on, or know what your next step should be?

When you hear the descriptions about “Religious Trauma” or “Spiritual Abuse” you find that that resonates with your experience?

Perhaps the value you once placed in your faith or spiritual community is now causing you an increased level of discomfort or pain. Or maybe you just need a safe place to talk through your thoughts and feelings with someone that is a bit more objective.

Has your life just been really difficult lately?

Perhaps you’re feeling sad or “blue” most days, or perhaps you’ve been so preoccupied with what seems to be going bad or wrong that it feels impossible to see the good anymore.

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