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About The FOUNder of indivo counseling

Grant Barlow

I earned my Masters of Mental Health Counseling from Trinity International University in 2014. Since then, I’ve helped a variety of clients find a clearer pathway to meaning in their lives, ranging from college counseling centers, community mental health, and individual practice. From clients experiencing depression and other mood challenges, anxiety and panic concerns, religious and other community trauma, relationships issues, stress management, grief, and severe mental illness, I have many years of experience helping others just like you lead more fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

Therapy is a collaborative activity in which we work together in a safe environment to help you become a healthier and more satisfied version of yourself. My approach aims to partner with you to identify what challenges and pain points you may have and unlock the potential within you to heal, recover, or move beyond those roadblocks.

Let me be your advocate. Some of the systems within our environment can cause continued difficulty, stress, or trauma. I work with clients to identify these dynamics when they occur and help them develop skills to manage or change what’s within their control. Ultimately, I help empower them to live lives of health, safety, and fulfillment.